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kozagawa adventure club

Do you remember the last time you played around in the nature? We believe knowing about nature around us influences our growth as humans. The influence is really important. Kozagawa Adventure Club offers activities in which you can learn about nature while playing safely.

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Our value is to learn about nature while playing safely. We have prepared two plans: "Half Day" for those of you who want to enjoy just the juicy part, and "All Day" if you want to enjoy all of Kozagawa River to its fullest. It’s the best opportunity to feel the great nature first hand.
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half day plan
Adults:6,000JPY / Children: 4,500JPY
This is a combo plan of water activity experiences such as canoes and a riverside play like catching small fresh water shrimps. We recommend this plan for those who want to enjoy Kozagawa River in short time.
all day plan
Adults:11,000JPY / Children: 8,500JPY
This is a plan which includes all of "Half Day" plan and, what is more, we will go down river until near the sea, where we eat lunch. You can enjoy all of Kozagawa River to its fullest. Of course, after you finish caoning, you can play in the river!

※ Children’s price is applicable for those who are 13 years old and younger.

water activity

customer's voice

We are happy to introduce our customer's reviews. Here are some examples.

It's not just a canoe

Female / 30's / couple

The instructor taught each of us carefully, so I was able to participate comfortably even in my first ever canoeing experience. The instructor was also friendly, and he told us not only of canoes but also how to protect ourselves in water and about the natural environment.

Great canoeing experience!

Female / 40's / couple

First we learn how to ride the canoe, and then we go down the Kozagawa River, but if it is the dry season there are places where the river's water is not high enough and you may have to lug your canoe in places lol. However, there’s no doubt that it will be an adventure your kids will remember!

A touching canoeing experience

Male / 40's / 1 person

I have experienced various outdoor sports, but down river canoeing was such a moving experience that I felt "I having been missing out on life not to have known such an outdoor sport existed". I am keen come again once or twice a year from now on.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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organization information

KAC (Kac)
Kozagawa Adventure Club
Representative: Hirohisa Ueda

open hour

8:30am to 6:00pm

  • Phone: +81 735 72 3293
  • Mobile: +81 90 1672 5522
  • Email :kac@sky.plala.or.jp
929 Tsukinose, Kozagawa-chō, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-4106
We can pick you up at:

(1) JR Koza Station
(2) JR Kushimoto Station

※If you would like to arrange another pick up point, please contact us.
※If you drive your own car, we have free parking spaces for up to 10 cars.