What to bring with you

≪Item list≫

  • Passport
  • A bottle of water (Dehydration measures. Please bring 500ml per person)
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Swimsuits or clothes. You will be wet. (Always wear a bathing suit, rash guard or leggings because it will get wet. (For protection against sunburn, cold, and abrasions) Jacket: Rashguard (long-sleeved polyurethane) (cotton is not acceptable) Trousers: polyurethane, about 7 minutes long (jeans are not acceptable)
  • Shoes that can be wet. (Crocs and sneakers. Beach sandals are not allowed.)
  • Bath towles
  • Change of clothes (please be sure to bring some wet clothes)
  • cap
  • Underwater glasses or goggles